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Polyethene Tape 1 mm x 20 mm

Polyethene Tape 1 mm x 20 mm

Use this polyethene plastic strip to support waterproof stuff sack or other roll top closure openings. Sew a fold of about 25mm on top of your dry bag, and string plastic support strip in. With strong needle and machine you can also sew through the plastic. You can use plastic on one side or both sides of the bag closing depending on the size of the bag, bigger bag needs to have both sides stiffened.

Color: black
Material: PE-HD 300

Thickness: 1 mm
Width: 2 cm ± 1 mm

Weight: about 20 g/m
Made in Germany, cut in Finland.

2.90 €/piece
Length:  2 m
Width:  20 mm

Product number: 4716

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