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Bushmen CAMP-Quilt Glow +5C

An ultra-light (620g) goose down travel quilt. Depending on the needs, it will protect one or even two persons. Camp-quilt is about 20% lighter than a goose down sleeping-bag with the same parameters and about two times lighter than a synthetic sleeping bag.

Made to be used while sleeping in the hammock, in the outdoor ground-set, or the traditional mattress.

Weight: approx. 620 grams
Fill weight: 300 grams
Size: 2 m x 1.35 m

Pack size: 26 x 17 x 17 cm
Pack volume: 4.5 liters

309.00 €/piece
Length:  200 cm

Product number: 7544

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315.00 €/piece
Length:  220 cm

Product number: 8249

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