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The Deuce #2 Backpacker's Ultralight Trowel

The Deuce #2 is an updated version of our ground-breaking *ahem* backpacker's trowel, The Deuce of Spades™ that many thousands of customers have enjoyed. There are three improvements:

  1. Four small teeth on the leading edge of the blade to cut through small roots as you run into them at the bottom of your hole. Just the right number and size to do the job but not to interfere with digging. The teeth are also shaped to be field maintainable; you can sharpen them with a rock very easily (fine-grained river rock broken in half seems best).
  2. The handle has small undulations to improve grip.
  3. New directions (below). We're convinced that if you know how to use The Deuce® well, you'll be a very happy customer. If you don't see the instructions, odds are you'll like The Deuce but maybe not love it. Like a lot of backpacking gear, The Deuce® rewards those who take the time to learn its ins and outs. Take a look below. It's probably something you hadn't thought of before.

Weight: 17 ± 1 grams
Dimensions: 173mm x 64mm x 20mm
Made by DAC (the world's #1 tent pole maker) in South Korea in the colors: Fire!, Gold, and Lime.
Made in US colors are Sky, Ice, Orange, Green, Black, and Purple.

Color:  Red

Product number: 8343

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Color:  Sky Blue

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