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PE Foam For Shoulder Straps Etc., 6 mm, 20 cm Wide

PE Foam For Shoulder Straps Etc., 6 mm, 20 cm Wide

Flexible and durable polyethylene foam material for all kinds of projects. Gives structure and cushion to backpack shoulder straps, wide jacket hood brims etc. Can also be used for knee protectors etc.

Firm structure with good form retention. Open cell structure but surface cells are closed. Easy to cut with scissors. Cut edge does not need any finishing.

Easy way to make nice shoulder straps

  1. Cut foam to form (copy your favorite backpack, for example)
  2. Cut upper piece from non-strech material, lower piece from strech material
  3. Cut cover pieces. Use non strech material for top piece and strech material for bottom piece. Add 0.5cm of seam allowance to both pieces, and 1cm of extra allowance for padding to lower piece.
  4. Sew webbing to upper piece.
  5. Sew upper and lower part together, right sides together
  6. Fill in the foam, soft side down
  7. Tidy the ends and sew to backpack.

Thickness: 6 mm
Width: 20 cm

Weight: about 180 g/m² aka 1.8 g/cm²
Color: grey


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