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3-layer Seam Tape with Stretch

Seam tape for 3L fabrics and for seams requiring abrasion resistance or stretch. Excellent for neoprene seams. Surface with black spandex fabric with 4-way stretch. Adhesive layer with strong bond.

Apply with a normal clothes iron at 130-150 degrees (two dots) with a teflon sheet or baking paper to protect the iron from glue. Power output on irons and material compatibilities may vary so try with scrap pieces first. Note the heat resistance of the fabric before applying. E.g. neoprene withstands the needed temperatures easily but it might slightly shrink or compress when heated.

Meant for waterproofing sewn seams. Not to attach fabric.

You can also cut the tape narrower to fit on tight seams.

Here you can find our seam taping instructions: Seamtape HowTo

Width: 22 mm
Roll size: 34 m

Color:  Black

Product number: 9008

Minimum order quantity: 1 m

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