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YKK Autolock Slider for AquaGuard® 5C Coil Zipper

Slider with pull tab for coated YKK AquaGuard water-resistant zipper tape. Slider lock automatically locks when no force is placed on the tab-pull.

With more space inside for the thicker coated zipper tape.

Pull tab is on the even surface of the zipper tape. Zipper coil will be on the hidden backside.

Use this slider to replace worn out slider on closed or open one-way AquaGuard 5C zipper or as a upper slider on 2-way zipper.

On regular non-coated reverse zipper use YKK 5C reverse slider with narrower spacing inside.

Weight: 4.45 g

Color:  Matt Black

Product number: 9099 (YKK 5CN DA7BLH X6)

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