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YKK SOFLEX® 5CS Stretchable Closed-End Reverse Coil Zipper

SOFLEX® is a stretchable and flexible zipper. Both tape and element stretch about 10% by 1kg load.
We recommend this zipper use for apparel in general, especially stretchable garment such as sports wear, inner wear and compression wear.

It is also suitable for curved application such as pockets, sleeves and hood.

These pocket zippers have a flat outer surface, as the coil is on the inside. So the coil is protected from abrasion inside the pocket and more stealthy looks are achieved.

Black with durable matte black metal sliders. Wide pull tab with a hole that is easy to grasp.

The SOFLEX™ zipper is recommended for curved applications. Please note that a small diameter curve (under radius of 100 mm) might prevent operation of the zipper. In addition, notch cutting the zipper tape is not advisable.

Color: black
Weight: 9.4 g (20 cm)
Tape Width: 34 mm
Size: YKK #5 CS Reversed
Pull type: DALH

3.90 €/piece
Length:  20 cm

Product number: 9266

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4.60 €/piece
Length:  30 cm

Product number: 9280

Only 8 pieces left in stock, after the stock is empty