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YKK FLATKNIT® AquaGuard® 45FK Water-Resistant Separating Coil Zipper

Flat and flexible, water resistant zipper e.g for jackets. Runs easier and is more flexible when compared to usual coated zippers.

Good choice e.g. for lightweight shell jackets.

Coating eliminates the need for multiple zipper cover flaps, but a simple flap protects the zipper from abrasion and prevents high pressure water from seeping through the zipper.

One-way seperating zipper. The slider is equipped with a pin guide slider for more effortless insert pin insertion.

Find out more info on use of water resistant zippers here.

Weight: 15 g (75 cm)
Tape width: 28 mm
Size: YKK #45 FK Reversed
Pull type: DABLH

Length:  75 cm
Color:  Black

Product number: 9305

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