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Stormseal Seam Sealer 100 ml

Quickly repair and Waterproofing of seams and needle holes on tents, bivvys, waterproof clothing and anything else that has non-watertight seams.

Stormseal is a water-based aqueous styrene-acrylic type polymer dispersion seam sealer. The liquid soaks into pinholes and leaking seams and dries clear, leaving a flexible and impermeable waterproof surface.

Contains no VOC’s and is non-toxic. Can be washed off before it has dried.

Test on a small area first to check compatibility.

  • Clean area.
  • Remove cap and brush on a generous layer Stormseal using the foam pad by gently squeezing the bottle.
  • Allow to seep in and cure for 15-25 minutes or until clear and dry.
Quantity: 100 ml

NOT SUITABLE FOR: silicone covered fabrics


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