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FabPatch Extreme M05 Camo Repair Patches

Self-adhesive and waterproof repair patch for making quick repairs on clothing and gear. Abrasion resistant patch with strong adhesion. Can also be washed to some extent.

FabPatch is a new product innovated by Finnish moms. It makes it easy to patch holes, cover stains and decorate clothing and accessories! Versatile and washable Vaatelaastari adheres by pressing to textile but also to leather and plastic in one minute. Patch elegantly with patterns created by Finnish designers and made of sustainable materials!

Material: 90 % polyamide, 10 % elastane, Glue is REACH certified.

Size: 2 pieces 9,8 cm x 8 cm and 2 pieces 4,5 cm x 4,5 cm.

  • A small fold on the corner of the patch helps to remove the Vaatelaastari FabPatch from the backing paper.
  • Vaatelaastari FabPatch is not recommended for textiles to be used by children under 3 years of age.
  • The Vaatelaastari FabPatch sticks best to old textiles that have been washed several times.
  • Chemicals in the garments and in detergents, such as softeners, can affect the way your Vaatelaastari withstands washing. There are thousands of different chemicals used in garments, and they all have different effects on the way the Vaatelaastari FabPatch resists washing.
  • The best results regarding washing resistance have been obtained with synthetic fibres. Pay attention to careful attachment when patching clothes made of natural fibres.
  • Edge fraying / unravelling is a product characteristic.
  • The product has a characteristic odour which is harmless and disappears in a few hours.
  • The clothing patch is not removable. However, after washing you can cut the loose edges, press loose edges back on the garment and iron them or dry the garment in a tumble dryer.
  • Store unused Vaatelaastari FabPatches in an airtight bag. Take note of the best before date (about 2 years).
  • Made by FabPatch Oy, Finland
Doesn't stick to silicone coated fabrics.

No bleach, fabric softners, vinegar or gall soap. Let to settle at least 3 days after application before moistening or washing.
(40°C), do not bleach, tumble dry ok (*), iron max 110°C (*).

The Cleaning Towel is an Easy solution for cleaning the surface for repairs. Available affordably in small and bigger batches.

    How to use self-adhesive Vaatelaastari FabPatch?
  1. Gradually remove the fabric from the backing paper, avoiding touching the adhesive surface.
  2. Attach the exposed adhesive surface to the garment and gently pull out the backing paper while pressing on the Vaatelaastari.
  3. Attach the Vaatelaastari FabPatch by applying strong and careful pressure, preferably against a hard surface, for at least one minute. You can use a blunt object such as a spoon. Pay special attention to the edges.
  4. Your textile patched with Vaatelaastari FabPatch is ready for use immediately!
Color:  M05 Camo

Product number: 9349

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