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Schmetz Stretch Twin Needle

Stretch twin needles are used for hemming knit fabrics including jerseys, interlocks and tricots using domestic sewing machine.

Twin needle contains two #75 needles on one shank with 2.5 mm or 4 mm spacing between the needles. On finished seam, two parallel seams run on the right side of the fabric, whereas the bobbin thread forms a zig-zag stitch on the other side, giving the seam a little bit of stretch. You will need two needle threads when sewing with twin needle.

These needles have a medium ball point, which prevents damage to the material by penetrating gaps between knit loops instead of piercing them. The special design of the stretch needle prevents skipped stitches on highly elastic fabrics.

Needle system 130/705 H that fits most domestic sewing machines. Needle size #75 that can be used with light to medium weight fabrics. Use maximum with #80 thread.

The package includes 1 or 2 twin needles.

4.90 €/package
Size:  75/11
Quantity:  1 pc
Width:  2.5 mm

Product number: 9396

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9.80 €/package
Size:  75/11
Quantity:  2 pcs
Width:  4 mm

Product number: 9398

Only 10 packages left in stock, after the stock is empty